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Rodeo Jones - Ain't No SunshineRodeo Jones - Ain't No Sunshine

Ref: 27607BO

1993 UK 4 Track CD Single

1 Ain't No Sunshine (Radio Mix)

2 Get Wise (Club Mix)

3 Surrender (West End Mix)

4 Surrender (West End Dub)

Price:5.99 / $7.79


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Rodeo Jones - Get WiseRodeo Jones - Get Wise

Ref: 50855BO

Rare 1991 UK 4 Track CD Single

1 Get Wise Listen To Song Sample

2 Get Wise - Foundation Mix

3 Get Wise - The Def Mix

4 Get Wise - The Eclipse Mix

Tracks 3 & 4 Remixed By David Morales.

Price:9.99 / $12.99


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Rodeo Jones - Natural WorldRodeo Jones - Natural World

Ref: 27604

1993 UK 6 Track Remix CD Single

1 Natural World (Radio Mix)

2 Natural World (Organic Mix)

3 Natural World (Reese Natural Mix)

4 Natural World (Reese Natural Edit)

5 Natural World (Reese Deep Mix)

6 Natural World (Reese Dream Mix)

Price:6.99 / $9.09


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Rodeo Jones - Shades Of SummerRodeo Jones - Shades Of Summer

Ref: 27606BO

1993 UK 6 Track Remix CD Single

1 Shades Of Summer (CJ's 7" Radio Mix)

2 Shades of Summer (BR Mix)

3 Shades of Summer (CJ's 12" Club Mix)

4 Shades of Summer (Baked Mix)

5 Shades of Summer (FXTC Dub)

6 Shades of Summer (K2 Dub)

Price:6.99 / $9.09


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Rodeo Jones - ProfileRodeo Jones - Profile

Ref: 27611

Real Name: Jayne Tretton, Graham Plato & Benson Copeland

Profile: Founded by Ben Copland and Graham Plato around 1988, the band originally consisted of Ben Copland and Graham Plato on keyboards together with vocalist Michelle Jones. Their first release was ' Desire' on G&M records co -produced by the band and Ex fashion member, Mulligan, assisted by Ron aslan, later of Raw Stylus. The track was an underground success in the Uk and US clubs, and the band looked destined for greater things.

However a fall out between band members led to original vocalist Michelle Jones, being replaced by newcomer Jayne Tretton. Their first release with Jayne was a re vamped version of ' desire' called ' Desire 2'. This was championed by London pirate radio stations and was a bigger club hit than the original.

The band played Raindance and other dance festivals, to promote this and their next release' Natural world' , which they hoped to put out on their own label. However, A&M talent scout Bob Masters heard about the band via the underground scene, and introduced them to A&R chief Steve Wolfe. A deal was done, and the band began recording an album.

Fisrt single on A&m was ' Get Wise' , produced by the band and Nigel Lowis. This came out in original and David Morales mixes.It was subsequently mixed by E smoove and Steve Silk Hurley Next was ' Natural world' which is a classic, muched loved by Rollo from faithless, and Paul trouble Anderson. The band followed this with ' Shades of Summer', with CJ mackintosh mixes. The last release was ' Aint no sunshine in the rain, backed up with Surrender a storming soulful house track.

An album was due to be released but the band fell out with A&m over promotion, and the band and label parted ways.

Jayne Tretton went on to appear on countless records including ones by Suede, James, Placebo. Graham Plato appears on records by Eternal, the Honeyz, 911, etc as producer, and keyboard player. Ben Copland is a writer and producer, who has had success in the Us, Uk and Europe, working with the likes of Beverley Knight, Liberty X, Aaron Carter, Sita etc. In the dance field he has the title track to the new Angel City album on Ministry of Sound.


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