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Oleta Adams Discography

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Oleta Adams Discography

Oleta Adams (born 4 May 1962, Seattle, Washington) is an American soul and jazz singer.


Adams was born the daughter of a preacher and was raised with gospel music. In her youth her family moved to Yakima, Washington, which is sometimes shown as her place of birth.

Adams started her career in the early 1980s with two self financed albums which had limited success. In 1985, she was discovered by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, founders of the English pop band, Tears for Fears, whilst performing in a Kansas City, Missouri bar. They invited her to join their band as a singer on their next album The Seeds of Love.[1]

In 1989, the LP was released and the single "Woman In Chains" - sung as a duet by Adams and Orzabal and with Phil Collins on drums - became her real first hit. Adams started her solo career in 1990 assisted by Orzabal who did the production. Her debut album Circle of One received much critical acclaim and she scored her biggest hit to date in 1991 with her Grammy nominated cover of Brenda Russell's "Get Here". 1991 also saw Adams contribute to the Elton John/Bernie Taupin tribute album, Two Rooms, on which appeared her version of John's 1974 hit "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me".

Her next album Evolution was also a commercial success. Her 1995 release, Moving On, saw Adams move more in the direction of R&B. Two years later she released the Christian themed Come Walk With Me.

In 1998, she toured as a guest vocalist on Phil Collins's Big Band Jazz Tour.

Adams' smooth sumptuous contralto voice has become the vanguard in an R&B jazz segment that was largely vacant during Anita Baker's hiatus.

Adams has released her first Christmas album on October 3, 2006, entitled Christmas Time with Oleta.[2]



1983 Going on Record Self financed and released

1990 Circle of One

1993 Evolution

1995 Moving On

1996 The Very Best of Oleta Adams

1997 Come Walk With Me

2001 All the Love

2004 Ultimate Collection

October 3, 2006[2] Christmas Time with Oleta United States, Canada, and The Netherlands only[3]


1989 "Woman In Chains" (w/Tears for Fears)

1990 "Rhythm Of Life"

1990 "Circle Of One"

1991 "Get Here"

1991 "You've Got To Give Me Room

1991 "Circle Of One" (reissue)

1991 "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"

1993 "I Just Had To Hear Your Voice"

1993 "Window Of Hope"

1994 "My Heart Won't Lie"

1994 "We Will Find A Way" (w/Brenda Russell

1995 "Never Knew Love"

1995 "Rhythm Of Life (90s Version)"

1995 "Me And My Big Ideas" (w/Tears for Fears)

1996 "We Will Meet Again" 51

2001 "When You Walked Into My Life"

2002 "I Can't Live A Day Without You"

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