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We are the only online CD retailer that still buys CD Singles. Music Magpie for example do not accept singles.

Due to the amount of lists we receive, please only send your list with a TOTAL price required for collection.

As a general rule the older the release, the better, for example releases from 1986 to 1993. CD's priced on the site at 6.99 or less are least wanted and their buying price would reflect this. Therefore please keep this is in mind before quoting a price as many of these will have little or no re-sale value.

Please note the sleeves must be in excellent condition (especially those that are card sleeves), with no tears or rips or markings. The condition of the cds is less important but should be in a used good condition. The hard plastic boxes are unimportant as each is replaced with a new box before shipping.

We will cover the cost of postage or shipping to us and arrange a courier/parcel service to collect from you. Payment can be made by Paypal or Bank transfer.

Please e-mail your list to mattscdsingles at and please remember to include your price. Thank You, Matt's CD Singles